Public Relations or Marketing or Communications By May Patterson

Public Relations 101 today! What is the difference between public relations, marketing, and communications? Well, let’s start with what makes them so related! They all value the perception of those who receive the message. They all value the psychology of persuasion. They all require networking for career success. Ok, that’s subjective… Well, I think we notice the trend of communication! This skill is extremely important to maintaining a successful career here, in many facets.

However, the field least like the others is the actual field of Communications. This is because it’s just so… different! See, Communications while itself is a degree, it is also an umbrella field for many sub-categories like digital media, journalism, leadership, health communication, and so on. It’s an intense focus on interpersonal communication either directly person to person or through various channels. Not entirely committed to whom is perceived, but something the ways in which something can be perceived.

Marketing, however, does emphasize the commitment to what is being perceived. Public relations too! So that’s the tricky part because these two fields are generally both strategic in the timeline, and the method of releasing information to the public, based on the prediction of how well it can be received. Marketing, however, is focused on the thing that’s being perceived. A product, a service, an event. These things are planned for promotion with excellence to ensure optimum exposure and commercial impact.

Finally, Public Relations! This one is committed to who is being perceived. Important right! You can sense the loyalty in that, the dedication. It’s heavily reliant on network and consistency. Building up the character of an organization through these efforts and maintaining, reflecting as one may in their own lives. When a PR is there, they’re a lifelong friend, ensuring that the world sees you the way they see you! Make your best day every day, because they care so much about making sure your organization gets seen accurately. Not just seeing your products, services, or events, but you! Your mission, vision, influence in community and society, you and your impact on employers and competitors, you and your cause!

So again, all value the use of persuasion, wink wink! While this website saved the best for last, the one writing actually majored in one of the other fields, shhh. Goes to show, EPRSSA is beneficial to every student who values network and communication. Knowing the difference between PR work, Communication and Marketing work can help in laying out your experience and career goals.

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