Conquering Group Work

Chances are wherever you aspire to be in the workforce, your destined to participate in group work. Group work can be a valuable opportunity to collaborate with your counterparts by consolidating your diverse skill sets to excel in any given task. Group work offers opportunity for personal growth and a chance to forge new professional relationships. Although, not all group work experience is as dynamic as it’s intended to be and conflict among group members is often stimulated from disparities in work ethic. Overcoming potential conflict within group work can be accomplished through effective communication right from the start. Instead of jumping right into the task at hand, establish some t

Five Helpful Tips for Graduating Seniors from Faculty Advisor Tim Wieland, APR

Last Tuesday, February 5, our faculty advisor Tim Wieland, APR visited us to give us some helpful tips about what to expect after graduation. Here are five helpful tips for graduating seniors: Full-Time vs Internships Tim says don’t be afraid of taking another internship after graduation. Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and learn new skills. Who knows, that internship could turn into a full-time job. What’s PR and what isn’t? Tim suggests you be cognizant of sales jobs masked as public relations jobs. Have a plan for why Decided why you want a job beyond just needing a job. Figure out why you want a job beyond just the monetary reward. NetworkingTim explains that you

Relationships Meets Teambuilding

Relationships in a work place can be challenging especially when dealing with multiple personalities. Though everyone is having different opinions and ideas it is important that you take everyone into consideration and make them feel they are an asset to the company. Good relationships with coworkers are what build the company foundation and makes things at work flow better. Bad relationships can make things awkward and uncomfortable, which is why activities and team building should be done every so often. Teambuilding exercises are when a group of people are working together to work out an issue, solve a problem, or play a game that involves all parties working together. Per a source there

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