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What is PRSSA...Explained: By: Nina Scarpelli

College students are an indecisive bunch. A constant fear lingers in making the right decision for ourselves. Am I studying the right field for me? Should I join this club? Answering that second question, many students are justifiably not able to find an organization that is right for themselves due to various reasons such as fear or not finding a club that aligns with their interests.

What is PRSSA? Well, that is actually a simple answer. It is an organization here to inspire you to become the best practitioner in the field you can be.

As a national organization, PRSSA has been around for decades. Eastern’s PRSSA chapter is named after Professor Emeritus Eleanor Wright. Without her, the public relations program and PRSSA would not exist today. In 1983, Wright created the public relations and written communications programs at the university. She even was responsible for bringing the internship requirement to the public relations program. Naming the PRSSA chapter after Wright is in acknowledgment of all she has done for the public relations program.

So, why join PRSSA? Well, there are plenty of reasons why. One big component of PRSSA is to help students prepare with expertise skills and techniques needed to thrive as a public relations or communication practitioner. Nothing is better than support in advancing yourself in your profession, even if it is not in the public relations and communications field.

That is another benefit of PRSSA. We do not only cater to public relations students but to any other industry. PRSSA is an open industry organization that has students who are in STEM, health, and other non-business fields. Everybody is welcome here at PRSSA.

Now, if it took you this long to come to our PRSSA website and read this blog then it is hoped that you become a member of our fine organization. If there are any questions or information you would like, feel free to reach out to our executive board members.



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