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E-Board Roles and Application

VP of Special Events

Terms in Office: Each officer shall be voted in in March and are meant to serve for a period of a year, beginning May 1 of that year through April 30 of the following year. Student members of the executive board shall be eligible for re-election, provided they fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of their office.



Organize the general and executive board meetings and oversee the organization as a whole. Assist with special projects, act as a liaison between PRSA Detroit and PRSSA National.​

  1. Perform the duties of the vice president of member relations if he/she is unable

  2. Meet with a faculty advisor at least twice a month to discuss PRSSA as a whole

  3. Act as the principal administrative officer of the PRSSA executive board & delegate responsibilities to officers

  4. Serve as liaison between the student society, PRSSA National, PRSA, and advisors

  5. Organize the agenda and program for all meetings

  6. Attend and run all meetings

  7. Every two years, update the chapter bylaws (next update: 2024)

  8. Conduct impeachment of board members, should it be necessary

    1. Attempt to reach the officer in question at least three times by phone or email to set up an in-person meeting

    2. If the said officer cannot be reached, an official email will be sent – the faculty advisor must approve the content of the email

    3. A follow up call/email will be made within four days of the formal email. The president must log all attempts to reach the officer.

  9. Organize a summer meeting in August for all executive board members in which the upcoming semester/year will be planned. Clear goals and objectives for the chapter will be presented. An event calendar will be created, and classroom visits and Fajita Fest will also be discussed at this meeting.

  10. Assist the CFO in collecting annual dues. Ensure dues are properly collected and that accurate information is forwarded to PRSSA National Headquarters by the due date.

  11. Attend national assembly as the chapter delegate or conduct a vote to determine a replacement

  12. Help the vice president of special events & programs plan the Student Development Conference during the first semester

  13. Organize and book monthly meetings, workshops, professional speakers, etc. Provide a bottled water and thank you note to each presenter. Ensure there is a projector (from English department) and Apple MacBook adaptor as well

  14. Work with Event Planning in the Student Center to secure a weekly room on Tuesdays from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

  15. Create a calendar of events to be distributed to executive board members. Update as necessary and upload to the PRSSA Documents folder on Google Drive

Vice President of Member Relations

Manage PRSSA email and MailChimp account. Check email daily and forward emails where they need to go. Coordinate professional development efforts and update the internship page of the website regularly. Act as liaison between general members and executive board - take surveys to assess member interests and coordinate classroom visits once per semester.

  1. Must perform duties of the president if he/she is unable

  2. Plan classroom visits at the start of each semester – organize all executive board members to attend journalism, marketing, communications, business, advertising, and public relations classes to introduce students to PRSSA

  3. Be informed about PRSSA-PRSA transitioning

  4. Record meeting minutes at every board meeting (using template provided) and keep a copy of all minutes in a binder.

  5. Record attendance at ALL meetings – general and executive board

  6. Monitor PRSSA email account – forward emails accordingly and handle all chapter correspondence  

  7. Contact all new members and make them feel welcome to the organization

  8. Survey members at the kickoff meeting (once per semester) to get feedback

  9. Send out a reminder email to executive board members at least one week before blog posts are due (15th of each month)

  10. Manage website regularly and make sure all information is updated (calendar, events, board members, internships, etc.)

VP of Member Relations

Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing

Act as a marketing and public outreach ambassador between PRSSA and the community/EMU Students. 

  1. Collect and schedule blog posts. Provide a monthly blog schedule to the director of social media, president and faculty advisor

  2. Write and submit press releases to local media outlets when required, clip articles that EMU PRSSA appears in, maintain and update bulletin boards around campus, maintain the website, oversee the blog and plan community outreach events for members.

  3. Distribute flyers around campus & maintain bulletin boards

  4. Actively research internship opportunities and keep the internship page of the website up to date.

  5. Send out press releases to local media at least once a semester to publicize events and happenings – get approval from president and faculty advisor before sending to media

  6. Assist the VP of Special Events with marketing campaigns (flyers/advertisements)

  7. Organize at least two community outreach programs per year (one per semester) or one long-term outreach project to span the entire year

  8. Establish contact with local non-profit organizations

VP of PR and Marketing
VP of Finance

Vice President of Finance

Process requisitions and account transactions, act as principle advisor for fundraising, keep updated and accurate account records, keep executive board knowledgeable of financial status, including outstanding balances, etc.

  1. Obtain access to the X-Fund Account and become familiar with using the online account. Learn the process for depositing and withdrawing funds from the account  

  2. Plan one large-scale fundraiser per semester AND one smaller scale fundraiser (dine & donate, etc.) per semester for a total of at least two fundraisers per semester and four per year

  3. Manage all money coming into or out of the PRSSA X-Fund account. Keep accurate financial records

  4. Collect dues once per semester (October & February). Send dues to PRSSA National Headquarters by the due date (found on or educate members about online payments and work with them to complete the process

  5. Update the list of paid members in the PRSSA Documents folder on Google Drive each semester (October and February).

  6. Collect fees for all chapter events and fundraisers

VP of Special Events

Vice President of Special Events

Plan the student development conference (SDC), speed mentoring, young professionals panel and smaller recruitment events.

  1. Plan Eagle fest, winterfest and help plan the fall and winter kickoff meetings with the president

  2. Responsible for planning the logistics of major events (SDC & Speed Mentoring): work with Student Center event planning to reserve a room and catering, set up the event, secure parking validations, speakers, speaker gifts, develop the schedule/program, etc.

  3. Plan agency tours – two per semester ideally, but at least one per semester  

  4. Maintain good relationships with local professionals

  5. Inform members of upcoming networking/professional development events

  6. Create EventBrite events for each event/agency tour. Work with the vice president of public relations and director of social media to advertise prior to the event

  7. Organize one social per semester.

VP of Socil Meda

Vice President of Social Media

Maintain all social media channels for PRSSA and assist in other photography and graphic design-related needs. Develop marketing materials for special events and develop a monthly social media calendar of content.

  1. Develop a monthly social media calendar of content and submit to the president and faculty advisor

  2. Maintain all social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) with up-to-date, interesting information. Share relevant news stories, internships, blog posts, etc. Post daily to social media during the school year and weekly during breaks. Do not let our social media lay dormant for extended periods of time.  

  3. Create eye-catching graphics using Canva/InDesign for all meetings, events and agency tours  

  4. Photograph all meetings, events and agency tours and post to social media

  5. Take a cohesive headshot of each board member and provide to vice president of public relations to be posted on the website

  6. Work with the vice president of special events and programs to create the primary marketing materials for special events (fliers, social media graphics, programs, etc.)

  7. Work with the vice president of member relations to make sure all blogs get posted on social media channels (Twitter & Facebook)  

  8. Interact with others on social media


Other Responsibilities (All)

  1. Must submit one blog post per month (due on the 15th of each month) to the vice president of public relations, president and faculty advisor
  2. Must prepare their binder to leave with the new officer. All binders must be updated in time for the new officer orientation in April

  3. All elected officers must serve the full term (May 1 – April 30)

  4. If there are not enough people to fill all the positions of the executive board, other officers will assume the roles of the remaining positons.

  5. If for any reason an officer cannot attend a meeting, written (email) notice must be sent out 24 hours prior (if possible) to the president and faculty advisor. You must notify the president and faculty advisor of an absence as soon as you are aware

  6. All officers must be paid and official PRSSA members

  7. All positions may entail duties that are not listed in these bylaws – these duties are to be determined by the current executive board

  8. Officers are required to attend at least all general meetings and are expected to attend all officer meetings. Exceptions must be approved by the president and faculty advisor.


Officers are expected to be active during the summer months – two blog posts are required by June 15 and attendance at the August meeting is mandatory. In the event that an officer cannot make the meeting, they are required to send thoughts and suggestions to the president after reading the agenda.



  1. Eligibility: Candidates for offices shall be members in good standing and shall be available to maintain PRSSA membership for the duration of service on the executive board, as well as be enrolled in school. Candidates for the presidency shall have served on the executive board in at least one other position. If not more than one candidate for president has served on the executive board, the candidacy shall be open to all PRSSA members who meet all other requirements stated above. Potential officers must be paid and official members.

  2. Nomination Procedure: The nominations for office shall be submitted via email to the PRSSA executive board at least one week prior to elections.

  3. Time and Location: The election of officers shall take place no later than the last week in March.

  4. Rules and Procedures: General, paid members shall elect Officers. Elections shall be held under a majority election system. In the case of failure to reach a simple majority on the first ballot, the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes shall participate in a run-off election. Disqualification for misconduct or rules violation shall be determined by the current executive board then presented to the members for final vote. Elections will be done by a secret ballot.

Application For E-BOARD
Application For E-BOARD (Fall 2022)

Thanks for submitting and good luck! Please remember to send your resume to

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