Will Things Ever Go Back To Normal?

I know what you are thinking, another thinkpiece about COVID-19 and its lasting effect on our lives. Well, guess what? You are right! If you think back to the beginning of this year, it almost feels that it took place in a different timeline. In the wake of COVID-19, organizations, their structures, and their means of communication have been drastically changed. Already existing programs and applications that allowed for remote work and communication saw an increase in their usage and importance to complete tasks. This resulted in current technologies being improved to fit this new workplace standard and others coming in to fill that role. The speed at which technology changes and evolves si

Some Things Just Aren’t Adding Up…

It’s the fourth week of class. I’m sure you’ve already sent a collection of messages to classmates wondering if you did the correct reading assignment, or if they too have been unsuccessful in finding the syllabus. Every professor has their own way of organizing their canvas page. Some are very coherent - everything is easy to find and manage. Others are still learning how to navigate their class being completely online. Distance learning might have put some students in their prime, but for a number of us, things just aren't adding up. Change can be hard; altering the way most of us have been taught our whole lives is quite the learning curve (pun intended). Infiltrating your own system for

Why Join PRSSA During a Pandemic?

It’s back to school! But not really. Back to classes, yes, but with the COVID-19 pandemic throwing a curveball at society – many of your college experiences look nothing like they have in the past. Although we are all still bombarded with essays, discussion boards, labs and other assignments that cause us to feel stressed, college now lacks a key feature: human interaction. Getting together with a group of friends, taking your mind off school and getting off campus or even just out of your dorm room makes it all worthwhile. But now things are different. For upperclassmen, the lack of human interaction means networking to get your dream job after college is a little harder. For lowerclassmen,

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Eastern Michigan University is a comprehensive, co-educational public university in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The university was founded in 1849 as Michigan State Normal School.