Maximizing Your PRSSA Membership

Joining PRSA offers a multitude of opportunities to enhance your education, broaden your network and launch your career right on campus. Member meetings are a chance to meet like minded peers, learn beyond the classroom from local professionals and even gain applicable skills. Although, there is much more to PRSSA than attending member meetings once a month. As a PRSSA member you have access to countless resources to further maximize the duration of your involvement. Here are five alternative ways to get involved with PRSSA beyond meetings.

  1. MyPRSA

  2. Your PRSSA membership provides you access to MyPRSA, a private online community to create meaningful communication and share resources with PRSSA and PRSA members nationwide. With the credentials PRSSA provides you upon member registration you can access the following tools.

  3. Community discussion Boards

  4. Member Directory

  5. Blogs

  6. Event listings

  7. PRSA Job Center

  1. Conferences

  2. One of the most valuable opportunities to network and stay current is to attend conferences relevant to your industry. PRSSA national hosts multiple conferences across the country annually. These events are attended by educators, professional and students alike and consistently host industry experts. If you are considering attending a conference in the near future, make sure to keep the following in mind.

  3. PRSSA International Conference

  4. PRSSA National Assembly

  5. EMU PRSSA Student Development Conference

  6. PRSA Marketing and Digital Communications Conference

  1. Leadership Opportunities

  2. No PRSSA chapter is complete without a functioning board of student volunteers. PRSSA boards are an essential component of the ongoing operation of chapters across the nation. These positions offer members an opportunity to further involve themselves in their local chapter and gain valuable experience from position. Elections are held annually for the following positions and more information can be obtained here.

  3. President

  4. VP of Member Relations

  5. VP of Social Media

  6. VP of Finance

  7. VP of Special Events and Programs

  8. VP of Marketing and PR

  1. Scholarships

  2. Your knowledge is valuable and PRSSA recognizes that. There are numerous scholarships available to members both locally and nationally. Criteria for these scholarships varies by application meaning the possibility you may qualify is substantial, so make sure to demonstrate your knowledge and you may be rewarded. Here are some of the current scholarships available to PRSSA members.

  3. Donald P. Durocher Memorial Scholarship

  4. PRSSA National Gold Key Award

  5. PRSA Foundation Student Travel Grants

  6. Lawrence G. Foster Award for Excellence

  7. Chester Burger Scholarship for Excellence in Public Relations

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