The Benefits of Becoming a PRSSA E-Board Member

PRSSA E-Board at the Student Development Conference

PRSSA E-board Elections are quickly approaching! They will take place on Tuesday, March 19, at 6 p.m. in the Student Center Room 330.

You may be wondering, “What can joining e-board do for me?” Well… I’m glad you asked!

Here are just a few of the many ways being an e-board member has allowed me the opportunity to boost my professional career:

  • Earn valuable skills: Being a member of the PRSSA E-board has offered me the chance to learn new skills that I haven’t been able to learn in the classroom. I have been given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with event planning, content creation, photography, writing, and graphic design. Also, I’ve gained transferable skills that will apply to any job, including leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time management and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Boost your resume: In addition, I’ve been able to list all of these new-found experiences on my resume. Hiring managers love to see that you took the initiative to pursue skills outside of the classroom setting. Joining the PRSSA E-board was an easy way for all board members to build their resumes, which naturally allowed each of us to land stellar internships! In turn, this will lead to even better jobs!

  • Build relationships with local professionals: As a PRSSA e-board member, I am offered the golden opportunity to connect with a long list of local professionals. Building your network can be hard when you are in college focusing on your studies. As an e-board member, I'm offered the opportunity to reach out to professionals via email for speaking engagements, which has simultaneously boosted my confidence to build my network in person.

  • Gain a strong support system of peers, faculty, and professional advisors: Making your way through college is no easy task. Having a strong support system of peers, faculty, and professionals make it so much easier! As a member of the PRSSA E-board, I have fostered strong relationships with my peers, who know what I’m going through and can offer moral support. In addition, I have nurtured a stronger relationship with our faculty advisor, Jamie Ward. She’s there when all of us are stressing out about class assignments and applying for internships or jobs. Lastly, I have gained mentors in our professional advisors. Melissa Foster has repeatedly extended a helping hand whenever I need advice, and Tim Wieland is always just an email away if any of us need help.

  • Heighten your confidence: This may be the most crucial attribute I’ve taken away from joining PRSSA E-board. Over the past year, I have increased my confidence in my skills and abilities tenfold. By consistently practicing new and existing skills and learning what works and what doesn’t, I have gained confidence that will carry me into my first job and the rest of my career.

Are you convinced? If so, visit our e-board roles page to learn more about each position. If any of the positions intrigue you, apply using the application form at the bottom of the page. Additionally, send your resume to

Do you think you would fit more than one role? Apply for any that interest you!

Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please reach out to

Join us for elections on Tuesday, March 19 at 6 p.m. in the

Student Center Room 330 to elect the 2019-2020 PRSSA E-board!

If you would like to run off the floor on the day of elections, come prepared with your resume and a quick explanation about why you would be a good fit for the position.

*Please come dressed in business casual attire.*

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