Conquering Group Work

Chances are wherever you aspire to be in the workforce, your destined to participate in group work. Group work can be a valuable opportunity to collaborate with your counterparts by consolidating your diverse skill sets to excel in any given task. Group work offers opportunity for personal growth and a chance to forge new professional relationships. Although, not all group work experience is as dynamic as it’s intended to be and conflict among group members is often stimulated from disparities in work ethic.

Overcoming potential conflict within group work can be accomplished through effective communication right from the start. Instead of jumping right into the task at hand, establish some time to get to know your group members, understand their preferences and figure out how to effectively unite under the same goal. Whether your team is constructed of similar or different personalities, conflict is a point of concern to address sooner rather than later. Consider these tips to enhance the success of your group not only in the workplace, but also while your still in college.

  • Explain Your Schedules: Everyone is busy. Chances are that your group work is not your only priority and that it is understandable. Group work doesn't need to be your number one priority, but your group members need to know that it’s somewhere on your list. Letting your group know your busy, but that you have time dedicated to your portion of the work will help to establish trust.

  • Create a Calendar: The best way to coordinate the chaos of multiple conflicting schedules is to develop a calendar. Whether your group work will take two weeks or two months, creating deadlines and meeting dates will help everybody stay on track. You may have to change them along the way but having a solid timeline foundation will benefit your groups organization

  • Discuss Your Work Ethic:Another tactic to establishing trust among team members is to discuss your work ethic together before you begin working. Everybody has their own way of getting things done, whether that be through procrastination or proactivity. Working among team with a different work ethic than you may prove difficult, but being forthright about how you plan to fulfill your responsibilities will save your group any undo conflict.

As your journey from college to the workforce continues, consider this advice in your upcoming group experiences. Being understanding and staying organized is critical to rewarding group work not only for your team, but also for yourself.

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