Relationships Meets Teambuilding

Relationships in a work place can be challenging especially when dealing with multiple personalities. Though everyone is having different opinions and ideas it is important that you take everyone into consideration and make them feel they are an asset to the company. Good relationships with coworkers are what build the company foundation and makes things at work flow better. Bad relationships can make things awkward and uncomfortable, which is why activities and team building should be done every so often. Teambuilding exercises are when a group of people are working together to work out an issue, solve a problem, or play a game that involves all parties working together. Per a source there are 5 c’s that involve team building and relationships in a work place. Communication, Collaboration, Culture, Creativity, and Commitment. Communication, Effective communication in the workplace makes the difference between completing a project on time and watching things go up in flames. Collaboration,working together produces better and faster results, but collaboration also imposes challenges. Each team member must understand that a project is a team effort. Culture, overall organization and structure in the workplace determine how employees interact. When personal effort reaps greater rewards than collaborative efforts, there is no motivation to put the team ahead of personal success.Creativity, the more comfortable you are working within a group, the more comfortable you are sharing thoughts and ideas. Commitment, committed employees go the extra mile to ensure the success of a project. Make it clear that each team member was carefully selected for their expertise and skills.

There are multiple activities that you can do that involves team building. In work activities are more than likely the best way to start team building exercises because everyone can be involved and do not have to worry about driving to a separate place. Things like the QR Reader game where a group of people are working to scan QR codes that involves multiple questions figuring out the answers and working to be the most successful are a great way to do in work team building. There are also outside of work activities to do such as the escape room, where a group of members are locked in a room and must figure out puzzles, riddles, and mysteries to unlock the door and make it to the following room. Besides those examples there are so many more things that can be found with a simple website search. In PR, we are all about working tougher, you have multiple groups of people that are working to make the public and client happy. That’s why having a positive and open with relationship is important. If you are working for a cooperate, non-profit, or agency where you have multiple people in your department you should find a way for people to work together.


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