5 Tips for  Learning Virtually

Recently many college students have been forced to adapt to online education due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. While the switch to online education is a big change for many students - there are many ways to be successful in your academics.

Here are some tips that will help keep you on track as you adapt to virtual learning:

  1. Check your emails

Many professors stay in contact with their students through email. By checking your emails daily as this is how you can stay on track with any instructions, assignment date changes, and information from your professors. In addition - if your school uses websites like Canvas or Blackboard be sure to check for any announcements every day.

  1. Keep an online calendar.

While many students may already keep a planner, putting assignment due dates, exams and class meeting times into an online calendar can help keep you accountable at home. I suggest using your iCalendar or Google calendar as these apps can sync with your phone (and smartwatches) to give you reminders on upcoming events.

  1. Set aside any distractions

It is so easy to get sidetracked by your phone, tv, social media, etc. By turning off electronics and finding a quiet place to get work done, you will be more efficient in completing tasks. Once you complete a task, use what would have been a distraction as a way to reward yourself!

4. Keep to a schedule

As previously stated, it is easy to be distracted at home. Giving yourself a schedule for studying and school work will help ensure you attain your academic goals while allowing time for other activities throughout your week. In addition - remember to allow yourself a break of 5-15 minutes every hour or so.

5. Ask for help

If you are having difficulties with any material or trouble finding something online - ask for help. Your professors are more than likely happy to help. While you may not be able to attend office hours, you can always email professors or even call them if they have provided that option to you. You can also contact your peers in classes as well.

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