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Becoming a member of Eastern Michigan University's Eleanor Wright Chapter of PRSSA offers many opportunities for networking, career advancement, resume enhancement and much more. Each bi-weekly meeting holds a different agenda and topic, providing members a chance to expand their knowledge on public relations beyond the classroom. So much of what the Public Relations student Society of America does within our student body brings ample opportunity for promising professional development, and it’s important to recognize how the principles we operate on were founded.

While the EMU chapter of PRSSA has been around for over 20 years, The Public Relations Student Society of America was founded in 1967. Since it’s formation with just 196 members, PRSSA has developed a reputation as the foremost organization for students in public relations and communications now composed of over 10,000 members. (See a detailed timeline of the history of PRSSA development here.) PRSSA is driven by a mission to provide exceptional service to members by enhancing their education, broadening their network and helping launch their careers after graduation by advocating for rigorous academic standards and high ethical principles.

Public Relations Student Society of America's dedication to maintaining upstanding professionalism in the field can be seen in the emphasis of operating under a strict code of ethics as a path to success. PRSSA values include honesty, advocacy, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness. The code of ethics PRSSA abides by sets students up with a long lasting navigation towards ethical standards in the industry and is derived from Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the parent organization to PRSSA.

It’s important to remember that becoming a member of PRSSA is more than just a title, PRSSA is passionate about guiding you on a path to success through countless resources and opportunities. Members are entitled to exclusive internship and scholarship postings, provided opportunity for leadership positions as well as access to the PRSA Jobcenter site as they begin to launch their career. In addition, PRSSA keeps its members posted consistently on industry news, trends and publications to keep up with the ever changing landscape of public relations.

While there is much more that can be said of the benefits of the Public Relations Student Society of America, in a nutshell its purpose is to build better young professionals during their academic career. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, PRSSA has now developed an upstanding reputation within the public relations industry within its 300 nationwide chapters as a stepping stone to success after academia.

Members can continue to take advantage of countless professional development opportunities beyond their local chapter by following PRSSA on social media and visiting their website, see below.


Social Media: @prssanational


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