Mix Your Summer with a Little PR

Four things you can do this summer to enhance your future PR career

1. Adwords: Not certified yet? Adwords is a great place to start to expand your experience in PR. It is an online advertising program used through the Google network to reach specific audiences based on individual business needs. Adwords is quickly becoming the most popular pay per click search engine marketing tool and odds are one day it may be implemented in the everyday tasks of your career. The best part about Adwords is that it's completely free, all you need to have is google account. Academy for the ads is all online and will train you on how to grow your advertising skills through Google ads. Adwords fundamentals certification takes approximately 4 hours to complete and passing the exam with an 80% or higher will certify you. If your still looking for more online advertising insight, the academy offers a variety of certifications like Adwords search certification or Youtube creative essentials.

2. Job shadow: College students change their major an average of three times during their academic career. Pinpointing a specific career goal within a major can be just as difficult as choosing the major itself. If you have ever felt this way or even have a career goal in mind already, consider job shadowing this summer. A variety of different work environments may open your eyes up to what truly inspires you in PR and may influence your next steps. Public Relations careers can range from nonprofit to for-profit and corporate to small business or even free lance. If your not sure where to start, consider reaching out to some of the professionals and/or EMU PR alumni that PRSSA hosts at speed mentoring and the professional development panel from companies like Make-A-Wish, Identity PR, Weber-Shandwick, The Henry Ford or Charter Communications.

3. Apply for a Scholarship: Being a member of PRSSA offers a lot of opportunities for aspiring PR professionals and opens new doors for financial support. On the PRSSA national website there is opportunity to apply for over $20,000 in scholarships. Requirements to apply for such scholarship range from certain majors, academic achievement, leadership capabilities, minority students and more. In addition to the prestigious scholarships options through PRSSA, thousands more exist through resources likes scholarships.com. Receiving a scholarship for studies in or related to PR can not only provide you with financial assistance for your education but is also a good resume booster as it shows employers your dedicated, hard working and admirable.

4. Volunteer: Volunteering your knowledge is a great way to build character and gain experience. If your not quite at the point in your academic career to acquire an internship or job in the field you intend to work in, volunteering can help you get there and boost your resume. EMU has endless opportunity for volunteering on campus and with companies in the surrounding Ypsilanti area. Through the Vision volunteer center of EMU students can stay up to date on volunteer opportunities and immerse themselves in the rewarding aspects of community service. Whether you’re looking for a one time volunteer event or a long term volunteer position, Vision EMU has plenty to offer. Use your student ID to log in at emich.edu/vision or visit the Vision office at room 346 of the student center.

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