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Accessing MyPRSA

Here are instructions on how new and existing members can access their MyPRSA account!

  1. Go to

  2. Click Retrieve it next to “Forgot your login?” 
    NOTE* All current PRSSA members already have a MyPRSA account, so you should not have to create one! 

  3. Enter your emich email address, or whichever email you provided for registration

  4. You will get an email from Follow the instructions provided to update your new login information

  5. Go back to the MyPRSA login page and enter your login information!


On the MyPRSA homepage, you will find PRSA news and links to various benefits for members. Also, on the right side of the page, you will see links to things like your account information, your member certificate and more members-only benefits!


At any time on the MyPRSA website, you can go to the top-right of the page to navigate to your account.

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