Meet the 2018-19 E-Board


Brittany Battista, President 


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Marketing & History

Year: Senior

Favorite Spot On Campus: The Children’s literature section of the library has the best seats to relax and study in during a break between classes. A peaceful oasis on campus and a nice break from the typical classroom. 

Why PRSSA?: I joined PRSSA after finding my passion in Public Relations after over a year as an undecided major. I lacked any true involvement within the University before PRSSA and joining this organization has been one of the smartest choices of my academic career. PRSSA has brought me ample opportunity for professional development, enhancement of my education and has also helped me forged many new friendships. 

Future Goals: While I haven’t pinpointed a “dream job” just yet, I plan to find my calling within Public Relations by getting my feet wet in a variety of different internship and employment opportunities to get a better understanding of where I truly belong in the industry. 

Fun Fact: This summer, I interned in Nashville, TN, for the Grand Ole Opry!

Favorite Quote: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” 

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Taylor Nash, Vice President of Member Relations


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Marketing

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pinckney, MI

Favorite Spot on Campus: 

Why PRSSA?: I joined PRSSA because my professor told me to; which ended up putting me in an organization that is truly beneficial to my career path! Joining PRSSA has opened so many doors in networking and building the skills that I need to jumpstart my future goals.

Future Goals: To have fun working at a unique job that I love.

Fun Fact: I lived on Mackinac Island for the summer of 2019 for an amazing internship!

Favorite Quote: "'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'-Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott

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Owen Tague, Vice President of Finance


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Communication

Year: Senior

Favorite Spot On Campus: I really enjoy the third floor of the library. It’s the perfect place to do homework and listen to music in peace.

Why PRSSA?: I changed my major starting my junior year and needed to figure out something. A PRSSA member came to one of my communication classes and I told myself I had to go to get involved and make those connections. A semester after that, I got on the E-board!

Future Goals: I would love to work for an agency and have multiple clients. If I had to choose a specific company I would love to be a public relations manager at Nintendo or Apple.

Fun Fact: I love fruit (:

Favorite Quotes: “You want to know what I do when I have a really bad, awful, terrible day? I imagine my great-great-granddaughter in the future talking to the class about me. She's poised and funny, and tells people about me and about how everything worked out in the end. And when I think about that, I think about how everything's going to work out.” - Princess Carolyn  

Olivia Blackmer, Vice President of Special Events

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Marketing & Psychology

Year: Junior

Favorite Spot On Campus: The Student Center is truly the heart of EMU. With so many different meeting rooms to activities and food options there’s something for everyone!

Why PRSSA?: I chose to join PRSSA after attending the Student Development Conference. I had recently changed my major to Public Relations and realized that joining PRSSA would lead me to opportunities for professional development and broadening my network. 

Future Goals: In the future I hope to have a Public Relations job in the entertainment industry. 

Fun Fact: I have done a backbend in five different states. 

Favorite Quotes: “There are always flowers for those who wish to see them” - Henri Mattise


“I am Beyonce, always.” - Michael Scott.

Quinn Tapp, Vice President of Social Media

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Nonprofit Administration

Year: Senior

Favorite Spot On Campus: I don’t have a particular favorite spot on campus, but when the weather is nice during the spring and fall, I love finding a spot on campus to study outdoors, like outside the library or near Alexander.

Why PRSSA?: I joined PRSSA for the career development opportunities and the chance to get involved on campus and interact with like-minded students.

Future Goals: In the future, I would like to apply what I have learned through both my major and my minor and pursue a public relations career in the nonprofit sector. My dream job would be one within an animal welfare and/or conservation organization.

Fun Fact: I spent the past summer interning with the Detroit Zoological Society, the nonprofit organization that runs the Detroit Zoo.

Favorite Quote: “No rain, no rainbows” 


Brandon Scott, Vice President of PR and Marketing


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Digital Communion

Year: Junior

Why PRSSA: "I joined PRSSA after hearing about all the networking and professional opportunities that the organization can offer. It helped open the door to PR professionals. Having a powerful network before leaving school can make a huge difference. PRSSA also gave me an insight into how a PR workplace fountains and helpful tips from real people with experience." 

Future Goals: To move out of state and make a real difference in the PR world.

Fun Fact: For someone in the business field I have a lot of tattoos.

Favorite Quote: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffet

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